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Volume: 06 Issue: 02
July - December 2021

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DOI: 10.36110/sjms

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Frequency: Biannual

January-June & July-December

Senhri Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies is a peer-reviewed journal and published biannually since 2016. The journal is the official publication of Pachhunga University College, Aizawl, Mizoram, India. Pachhunga University College (PUC), established in 1958, is the only constituent college of Mizoram University, a Central University established by an Act of Parliament of India. It is also an Open Access (license by Creative Commons) journal.

We are publishing research articles, Book Reviews and Reports of any discipline irrespective of any specific region. Authors are invited to contribute their unpublished research work based on experimental and theoretical works. We will try to bring the outcome to the global academic community through online and printed versions. SJMS is a research forum that mainly aims at motivating the scholars to exchange their ideas on emerging trends in diverse fields.

Forthcoming Issue
Volume: 07 Issue: 01
January - June 2022

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Journal Articles

A Review on Status and Detection of Transgenic Crops/Produce SJMS 1(1), 1-16Download PDF

An Overview of Women Entrepreneurs in Indian Perspective SJMS 1(1), 17-32Download PDF

Strategies of Regional Planning in Mizoram SJMS 1(1), 33-43Download PDF

Role of Civil Society in promoting Good Governance in Mizoram SJMS 1(1), 44-57Download PDF

Determinants of Voting Behaviour in Mizoram SJMS 1(1), 58-64Download PDF

A Study of Urban Water Services and Service Level Benchmark Standards in Aizawl (Mizoram) Municipal Area SJMS 1(1), 65-77Download PDF

Predictability of Personality Dimensions on Perceived Stress and Coping Styles among Mizo College Students SJMS 1(1), 78-88Download PDF

Job Satisfaction among Pachhunga University College Teachers SJMS 1(1), 89-97Download PDF

Book Review-Water, Peace & War: Confronting the Global Water Crisis, By Brahma Chellaney, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2014, pp. 432, Price Rs. 595, Paperback, ISBN 9780198099192 SJMS 1(1), 98-102Download PDF

Transcending Boundaries: Alternative Sexuality and Church Response SJMS 1(2), 1-13Download PDF

Social Capital and Religion: The Contribution of Church in Mizoram SJMS 1(2), 14-44Download PDF

Encountering the British Expansion: Vandula and Ropuiliani SJMS 1(2), 45-58Download PDF

Significance of the Sialsir Convention in the Mizo Independence Movement SJMS 1(2), 59-68Download PDF

Urban Basic Service Delivery with Reference to Sanitation SJMS 1(2), 69-85Download PDF

Internal Management Problems of Micro Enterprises in Aizawl District, Mizoram SJMS 1(2), 86-103Download PDF

Distribution and availability of sources of Water Supply in Rural Areas of Mizoram SJMS 1(2), 104-119Download PDF

The Genesis of Panchayati Raj and its Dimensions SJMS 1(2), 120-131Download PDF

Innovative Methods of Teaching and Pachhunga University College SJMS 1(2), 132-137Download PDF

Book Review- Makiko Kimura, The Nellie Massacre of 1983, Agency of Rioters (Sage Studies on India’s North East). New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2013, XV+168pp., ISBN 9788-132-111-665. SJMS 1(2), 138-144Download PDF

Podostemaceae, An Enigmatic Family SJMS 2(1), 1-11Download PDF

Conversions to Christianity and Islam in India: A Historiographical Survey of the Recent Literature SJMS 2(1), 12-23Download PDF

Healing, Mission and Worldview: A Study of Mizoram SJMS 2(1), 24-40Download PDF

A Comparative Study among Orphans and Non-Orphans on Intelligence and Substance-Use SJMS 2(1), 41-53Download PDF

Evaluation Using the Cognitive Levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives SJMS 2(1), 54-64Download PDF

Parenting Styles in Mizo Society: A Study of Ramthar Community SJMS 2(1), 65-87Download PDF

Slope Instability and its Related Problems: A Case Study of South Hlimen Landslide SJMS 2(1), 88-99Download PDF

Book Review: Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean: History, Culture and Identity, Author: Rattan Lal Hangloo, (Primus Delhi, 2012, pp. 175, Price Rs. 795) SJMS 2(1), 100-103Download PDF

Seismotectonics Overview of Surma Valley in Northeast India SJMS 2(2), 1-18Download PDF

Morphotectonic Aspects and Their Relationship With Landslide Prone Areas of Sairang River Basin, Aizawl, Mizoram, India SJMS 2(2), 19-36Download PDF

Soil Fertility Status and Recovery in Abandoned Jhum Fallows of Nokrek Biosphere Reserve of Meghalaya SJMS 2(2), 37-56Download PDF

Three Years of Governance Under Narendra Modi in India: Promises and Reality SJMS 2(2), 57-73Download PDF

Christian Missionary Activities in Eastern India: A Study of The Baptists in Orissa in The 19th Century SJMS 2(2), 74-89Download PDF

Assessment of Food Contractors Serving Mid Day Meals in Mumbai’s Civic Schools SJMS 2(2), 90-116Download PDF

A Study of Urban Poverty in Mizoram With Special Reference to Aizawl Municipal Corporation (AMC) Area SJMS 2(2), 117-141Download PDF

Gender Differences in Self-Esteem Among Adolescents in Aizawl City SJMS 2(2), 142-153Download PDF

Evaluation of Trends and Progress of Banking in Mizoram SJMS 2(2), 154-173Download PDF

Myths and Reality about Chemistry of Oxidane – The Wonder Liquid: A Review SJMS 3(1), 1-18Download PDF

Rockfall Hazard and Risk Assessment along Aizawl-Durtlang Road Section, Mizoram, India SJMS 3(1), 19-31Download PDF

Economy Survey 2017-18: Decoding for the Agriculture Sector SJMS 3(1), 32-41Download PDF

Employment Structure in the Tea Plantations of West Bengal SJMS 3(1), 42-55Download PDF

Constructive Utility of Language: An Evolutionary Linguistic Perspective at Higher Pedagogical Level SJMS 3(1), 56-83Download PDF

The Concept of Yoga and its Goal SJMS 3(1), 84-95Download PDF

Political Defection of Mizoram in 1988 SJMS 3(1), 96-111Download PDF

Techno-promotional Dimensions of Mizo Blogs SJMS 3(1), 112-129Download PDF

Spatial Analysis of Water Supply in Rural Areas of Siaha District, Mizoram SJMS 3(1), 130-146Download PDF

Identification and Drawing of Tourist Circuits in Aizawl Area SJMS 3(1), 147-164Download PDF

Structural Analysis of Pachhunga University College Students’ Union SJMS 3(1), 165-182Download PDF

Food, Famine and Consolidation of the British Rule in the Lushai Hills SJMS 3(2), 1-10Download PDF

Process of Mizoization and Zo Ethnic Tribes in Bangladesh SJMS 3(2), 11-18Download PDF

Demystifying Secularism in Contemporary State of Mizoram SJMS 3(2), 19-32Download PDF

A Comparative Study of Village Councils in Mizoram and Panchayati Raj Institutions: A Critical Appraisal SJMS 3(2), 33-44Download PDF

Gender Comparison in Entrepreneurship: A Study of MSMEs in Aizawl District, Mizoram SJMS 3(2), 45-54Download PDF

Decadal Disparity in the Growth of Population in Aizawl District from 1981 to 2011 SJMS 3(2), 55-63Download PDF

Domestic Waste Disposal and Management in Lunglei District Mizoram SJMS 3(2), 64-80Download PDF

Morphotectonic Study in a part of Indo-Burmese Ranges in Eastern Mizoram, India SJMS 3(2), 81-92Download PDF

The Great Assam Earthquake of 1950: A Historical Review SJMS 4(1), 1-10Download PDF

Risk Analysis and Community Based Disaster Management Plan of Sateek Village, Aizawl District, Mizoram, India SJMS 4(1), 11-20Download PDF

The New Land Use Policy: A Panacea for Shifting Cultivation in Mizoram SJMS 4(1), 21-29Download PDF

Carrying Capacity Analysis in Mizoram Tourism SJMS 4(1), 30-37Download PDF

Studies on Effect of Copper (Cu2+) on Phosphatase Enzyme Activity and Biomass of Aspergillus niger SJMS 4(1), 38-43Download PDF

An Overview of 2019 Lok-Sabha Election & Bye-Poll of Aizawl West-I in Mizoram SJMS 4(1), 44-53Download PDF

Socio-Economic Conditions of Handloom Weavers: A Case Study of Weavers in Zuangtui Cluster, Aizawl, Mizoram SJMS 4(1), 54-62Download PDF

Civil Society Against Corruption: A Study of the Role of Prism in Mizoram SJMS 4(1), 63-69Download PDF

Integration of the Urban Local Bodies for Disaster Mitigation in Aizawl City SJMS 4(1), 70-81Download PDF

The Contextual Linkages between Recorded Mizo History and Literature: A Critical Analysis SJMS 4(1), 82-89Download PDF

A Study of Social Provision and Self Esteem among Adolescents SJMS 4(1), 90-96Download PDF

Case Study of College Veng Road Section Landslide, Aizawl, Mizoram, India SJMS 4(2), 1-6Download PDF

RMR and RHRS of Ngaizel Road cutting section, Aizawl, Mizoram SJMS 4(2), 7-21Download PDF

Stress, Self-Esteem and Peer Pressure among Mizo Adolescents SJMS 4(2), 22-31Download PDF

Bioconversion of Lignocellulosic Agri-Waste into Edible Protein by Mushroom Cultivation and Evaluation of Yield on Different Agri-Residues with Biochemical Composition SJMS 4(2), 32-41Download PDF

Substance Abuse and Life Skills Education among Youth in Lunglei District, Mizoram SJMS 4(2), 42-57Download PDF

Absence of Present Day Active Crustal Deformation along the Chite Fault in Aizawl Area Mizoram through GPS Measurements SJMS 4(2), 58-66Download PDF

Achievement Motivation as a Correlate of Academic Stress: A Study among Mizo School Students SJMS 4(2), 67-71Download PDF

Electronic Properties of Hydrogenated Hexagonal Boron Nitride (h-BN): DFT Study SJMS 4(2), 72-79Download PDF

Trekking Tourism Potentiality in Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh, India SJMS 4(2), 80-86Download PDF

Declining Sex-Ratio Role of Society, Technology and Government Regulation in Himachal Pradesh SJMS 4(2), 87-97Download PDF

X-Ray Diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Differential Thermal Analysis of (CuGaSe2)1-x(TaSe)x Alloys System (0≤ x ≤0.5) SJMS 5(1), 1-18Download PDF

The Study of Excess Refractive Indices of Benzene+Ethanol and Hexane+Ethanol Binary Systems SJMS 5(1), 19-23Download PDF

Access to Housing and Water in Rural Area: A Study at Pukpui Community, Lunglei, Mizoram SJMS 5(1), 24-35Download PDF

Representation of Women in Mizo History SJMS 5(1), 36-45Download PDF

Identity, Fans and Football Clubs: A Case of United Kurseong Football Club SJMS 5(1), 45-50Download PDF

A Brief Analysis of First Time Winners in Mizoram State Legislative Assembly Polls (2003 to 2018) SJMS 5(1), 51-58Download PDF

Comparison of Resistance Training and Plyometric Training for the Development of Speed of the Athletes SJMS 5(1), 59-71Download PDF

India-Singapore Partnership in the 21st Century SJMS 5(1), 72-80Download PDF

Re-Evaluating UNAIDS Fast-Tract Strategy from Women’s Perspectives SJMS 5(1), 81-92Download PDF

Types and Sources of Drinking Water: A Case Study of Lungleng Village, Mizoram SJMS 5(1), 93-101Download PDF

Agricultural Practices in Lawngtlai Rural Development Block of Mizoram SJMS 5(2), 01-08Download PDF

Importance of Sports Drinks as a Performance Prerequisites SJMS 5(2), 09-19Download PDF

A Study of the Effect of Parental Education and Occupation on the Study Habits of Class XI Science Students SJMS 5(2), 20-31Download PDF

Relationship between Somatotyping and Wellbeing of Special Home Female Adolescent Students SJMS 5(2), 32-40Download PDF

Citizen’s Charter a Mechanism for Accountability: An Analysis of India Conditions SJMS 5(2), 41-51Download PDF

Human Rights of Women in Post Apartheid South Africa: Issues and Challenges SJMS 5(2), 52-65Download PDF

A Brief Study on the Imposition of Mizoram Under President’s Rule SJMS 5(2), 66-75Download PDF

Foreign Elements and Orders in Colonial Assam: Tea, Enclosure, Migrant Labour and Labour Legislation SJMS 5(2), 76-82Download PDF

Appointment of Women as Company’s Director: An Ascension Towards Women Empowerment SJMS 5(2), 83-88Download PDF

A Study of Caste and Gender Barriers for the Operation of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in Nepal SJMS 6(1), 01-14Download PDF

On the Path to Forced Sobriety: The Church Spearheading the Temperance Movement SJMS 6(1), 15-26Download PDF

Impact of Covid-19 Crisis on Micro-Enterprises: A Study of Lunglei Mizoram SJMS 6(1), 27-35Download PDF

An Empirical Study to Determine the Role of Credit in the Betterment of the Farmers’ Life: A Study with Special Reference to Cachar District of Assam SJMS 6(1), 36-47Download PDF

A Globalized Era: ICT and its Implications on Higher Education in a Pandemic Period (With Special Reference to Mizoram) SJMS 6(1), 48-55Download PDF

Formation and Construction of ‘Mizo’ as Identity SJMS 6(1), 56-65Download PDF

Comparative Study on Training Policies of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited and Gas Authority of India Limited SJMS 6(1), 66-75Download PDF

Gender Socialisation and Gender Non-Conformity in Mizo Society SJMS 6(1), 76-83Download PDF

Domestic Water Sources in Aizawl City SJMS 6(1), 84-91Download PDF

Regional Aspects of Deviations of South-West Monsoon Rainfall in the Seven Sister States of North-Eastern India (1981-2021) SJMS 6(2), 1-13Download PDF

The Influence of the Implementation of Food Yoga and Physical Training on Physiological and Echocardiography Indicators of Schoolchildren SJMS 6(2), 14-22Download PDF

Lifestyle and Mental Health among Persons with Diabetes in Mizoram SJMS 6(2), 23-30Download PDF

Tribal Development Administration in India with A Special Focus on Tribal Community Development SJMS 6(2), 31-43Download PDF

Human Security: Dimensions and Potential Threats SJMS 6(2), 44-53Download PDF

Influence of Product Packaging on Consumer Buying Preference in Venglai Locality, Lunglei, Mizoram SJMS 6(2), 54-64Download PDF

Fossils Bivalves from the Upper Bhuban Formation of Prayer Point, Tuirial Road, Aizawl, Mizoram, India SJMS 6(2), 65-75Download PDF

Accommodating Diversity and Federalism: A Comparative Analysis of Nigeria and India SJMS 6(2), 76-93Download PDF

Knowledge and Practice of Family Planning Methods among Women in Himachal Pradesh: A Comparative Analysis SJMS 7(1), 1-11Download PDF

A SWOT Analysis of the Travel Industry in Arunachal Pradesh SJMS 7(1), 12-22Download PDF

Smart City Mission in Northeast of India: A Study of Aizawl Smart City SJMS 7(1), 23-29Download PDF

Identity and Socio-Formation of Gorkha Graziers in Assam SJMS 7(1), 30-35Download PDF

Gig Economy: Past, Present and Future in India SJMS 7(1), 36-41Download PDF

Inequalities and Geography in a Pre Covid-19 and Covid-19 World – A Bibliometric Analysis: 1989-2019 and 2020-2022* SJMS 7(1), 42-55Download PDF

Right to Information Act in India: A Study of Mizoram State SJMS 7(2), 1-8Download PDF

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Promulgation SJMS 7(2), 9-15Download PDF

A Study of Common Service Centres in India With Special Reference to Mizoram SJMS 7(2), 16-24Download PDF