Journal Articles

A Review on Status and Detection of Transgenic Crops/Produce SJMS 1(1), 1-16Download PDF

An Overview of Women Entrepreneurs in Indian Perspective SJMS 1(1), 17-32Download PDF

Strategies of Regional Planning in Mizoram SJMS 1(1), 33-43Download PDF

Role of Civil Society in promoting Good Governance in Mizoram SJMS 1(1), 44-57Download PDF

Determinants of Voting Behaviour in Mizoram SJMS 1(1), 58-64Download PDF

A Study of Urban Water Services and Service Level Benchmark Standards in Aizawl (Mizoram) Municipal Area SJMS 1(1), 65-77Download PDF

Predictability of Personality Dimensions on Perceived Stress and Coping Styles among Mizo College Students SJMS 1(1), 78-88Download PDF

Job Satisfaction among Pachhunga University College Teachers SJMS 1(1), 89-97Download PDF

Book Review-Water, Peace & War: Confronting the Global Water Crisis, By Brahma Chellaney, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2014, pp. 432, Price Rs. 595, Paperback, ISBN 9780198099192 SJMS 1(1), 98-102Download PDF

Transcending Boundaries: Alternative Sexuality and Church Response SJMS 1(2), 1-13Download PDF

Social Capital and Religion: The Contribution of Church in Mizoram SJMS 1(2), 14-44Download PDF

Encountering the British Expansion: Vandula and Ropuiliani SJMS 1(2), 45-58Download PDF

Significance of the Sialsir Convention in the Mizo Independence Movement SJMS 1(2), 59-68Download PDF

Urban Basic Service Delivery with Reference to Sanitation SJMS 1(2), 69-85Download PDF

Internal Management Problems of Micro Enterprises in Aizawl District, Mizoram SJMS 1(2), 86-103Download PDF

Distribution and availability of sources of Water Supply in Rural Areas of Mizoram SJMS 1(2), 104-119Download PDF

The Genesis of Panchayati Raj and its Dimensions SJMS 1(2), 120-131Download PDF

Innovative Methods of Teaching and Pachhunga University College SJMS 1(2), 132-137Download PDF

Book Review- Makiko Kimura, The Nellie Massacre of 1983, Agency of Rioters (Sage Studies on India’s North East). New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2013, XV+168pp., ISBN 9788-132-111-665. SJMS 1(2), 138-144Download PDF

Podostemaceae, An Enigmatic Family SJMS 2(1), 1-11Download PDF

Conversions to Christianity and Islam in India: A Historiographical Survey of the Recent Literature SJMS 2(1), 12-23Download PDF

Healing, Mission and Worldview: A Study of Mizoram SJMS 2(1), 24-40Download PDF

A Comparative Study among Orphans and Non-Orphans on Intelligence and Substance-Use SJMS 2(1), 41-53Download PDF

Evaluation Using the Cognitive Levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives SJMS 2(1), 54-64Download PDF

Parenting Styles in Mizo Society: A Study of Ramthar Community SJMS 2(1), 65-87Download PDF

Slope Instability and its Related Problems: A Case Study of South Hlimen Landslide SJMS 2(1), 88-99Download PDF

Book Review: Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean: History, Culture and Identity, Author: Rattan Lal Hangloo, (Primus Delhi, 2012, pp. 175, Price Rs. 795) SJMS 2(1), 100-103Download PDF

Seismotectonics Overview of Surma Valley in Northeast India SJMS 2(2), 1-18Download PDF

Morphotectonic Aspects and Their Relationship With Landslide Prone Areas of Sairang River Basin, Aizawl, Mizoram, India SJMS 2(2), 19-36Download PDF

Soil Fertility Status and Recovery in Abandoned Jhum Fallows of Nokrek Biosphere Reserve of Meghalaya SJMS 2(2), 37-56Download PDF

Three Years of Governance Under Narendra Modi in India: Promises and Reality SJMS 2(2), 57-73Download PDF

Christian Missionary Activities in Eastern India: A Study of The Baptists in Orissa in The 19th Century SJMS 2(2), 74-89Download PDF

Assessment of Food Contractors Serving Mid Day Meals in Mumbai’s Civic Schools SJMS 2(2), 90-116Download PDF

A Study of Urban Poverty in Mizoram With Special Reference to Aizawl Municipal Corporation (AMC) Area SJMS 2(2), 117-141Download PDF

Gender Differences in Self-Esteem Among Adolescents in Aizawl City SJMS 2(2), 142-153Download PDF

Evaluation of Trends and Progress of Banking in Mizoram SJMS 2(2), 154-173Download PDF

Myths and Reality about Chemistry of Oxidane – The Wonder Liquid: A Review SJMS 3(1), 1-18Download PDF

Rockfall Hazard and Risk Assessment along Aizawl-Durtlang Road Section, Mizoram, India SJMS 3(1), 19-31Download PDF

Economy Survey 2017-18: Decoding for the Agriculture Sector SJMS 3(1), 32-41Download PDF

Employment Structure in the Tea Plantations of West Bengal SJMS 3(1), 42-55Download PDF

Constructive Utility of Language: An Evolutionary Linguistic Perspective at Higher Pedagogical Level SJMS 3(1), 56-83Download PDF

The Concept of Yoga and its Goal SJMS 3(1), 84-95Download PDF

Political Defection of Mizoram in 1988 SJMS 3(1), 96-111Download PDF

Techno-promotional Dimensions of Mizo Blogs SJMS 3(1), 112-129Download PDF

Spatial Analysis of Water Supply in Rural Areas of Siaha District, Mizoram SJMS 3(1), 130-146Download PDF

Identification and Drawing of Tourist Circuits in Aizawl Area SJMS 3(1), 147-164Download PDF

Structural Analysis of Pachhunga University College Students’ Union SJMS 3(1), 165-182Download PDF

Food, Famine and Consolidation of the British Rule in the Lushai Hills SJMS 3(2), 1-10Download PDF

Process of Mizoization and Zo Ethnic Tribes in Bangladesh SJMS 3(2), 11-18Download PDF

Demystifying Secularism in Contemporary State of Mizoram SJMS 3(2), 19-32Download PDF

A Comparative Study of Village Councils in Mizoram and Panchayati Raj Institutions: A Critical Appraisal SJMS 3(2), 33-44Download PDF

Gender Comparison in Entrepreneurship: A Study of MSMEs in Aizawl District, Mizoram SJMS 3(2), 45-54Download PDF

Decadal Disparity in the Growth of Population in Aizawl District from 1981 to 2011 SJMS 3(2), 55-63Download PDF

Domestic Waste Disposal and Management in Lunglei District Mizoram SJMS 3(2), 64-80Download PDF

Morphotectonic Study in a part of Indo-Burmese Ranges in Eastern Mizoram, India SJMS 3(2), 81-92Download PDF

The Great Assam Earthquake of 1950: A Historical Review SJMS 4(1), 1-10Download PDF

Risk Analysis and Community Based Disaster Management Plan of Sateek Village, Aizawl District, Mizoram, India SJMS 4(1), 11-20Download PDF

The New Land Use Policy: A Panacea for Shifting Cultivation in Mizoram SJMS 4(1), 21-29Download PDF

Carrying Capacity Analysis in Mizoram Tourism SJMS 4(1), 30-37Download PDF

Studies on Effect of Copper (Cu2+) on Phosphatase Enzyme Activity and Biomass of Aspergillus niger SJMS 4(1), 38-43Download PDF

An Overview of 2019 Lok-Sabha Election & Bye-Poll of Aizawl West-I in Mizoram SJMS 4(1), 44-53Download PDF

Socio-Economic Conditions of Handloom Weavers: A Case Study of Weavers in Zuangtui Cluster, Aizawl, Mizoram SJMS 4(1), 54-62Download PDF

Civil Society Against Corruption: A Study of the Role of Prism in Mizoram SJMS 4(1), 63-69Download PDF

Integration of the Urban Local Bodies for Disaster Mitigation in Aizawl City SJMS 4(1), 70-81Download PDF

The Contextual Linkages between Recorded Mizo History and Literature: A Critical Analysis SJMS 4(1), 82-89Download PDF

A Study of Social Provision and Self Esteem among Adolescents SJMS 4(1), 90-96Download PDF

Case Study of College Veng Road Section Landslide, Aizawl, Mizoram, India SJMS 4(2), 1-6Download PDF

RMR and RHRS of Ngaizel Road cutting section, Aizawl, Mizoram SJMS 4(2), 7-21Download PDF

Stress, Self-Esteem and Peer Pressure among Mizo Adolescents SJMS 4(2), 22-31Download PDF

Bioconversion of Lignocellulosic Agri-Waste into Edible Protein by Mushroom Cultivation and Evaluation of Yield on Different Agri-Residues with Biochemical Composition SJMS 4(2), 32-41Download PDF

Substance Abuse and Life Skills Education among Youth in Lunglei District, Mizoram SJMS 4(2), 42-57Download PDF

Absence of Present Day Active Crustal Deformation along the Chite Fault in Aizawl Area Mizoram through GPS Measurements SJMS 4(2), 58-66Download PDF

Achievement Motivation as a Correlate of Academic Stress: A Study among Mizo School Students SJMS 4(2), 67-71Download PDF

Electronic Properties of Hydrogenated Hexagonal Boron Nitride (h-BN): DFT Study SJMS 4(2), 72-79Download PDF

Trekking Tourism Potentiality in Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh, India SJMS 4(2), 80-86Download PDF

Declining Sex-Ratio Role of Society, Technology and Government Regulation in Himachal Pradesh SJMS 4(2), 87-97Download PDF

X-Ray Diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Differential Thermal Analysis of (CuGaSe2)1-x(TaSe)x Alloys System (0≤ x ≤0.5) SJMS 5(1), 1-18Download PDF

The Study of Excess Refractive Indices of Benzene+Ethanol and Hexane+Ethanol Binary Systems SJMS 5(1), 19-23Download PDF

Access to Housing and Water in Rural Area: A Study at Pukpui Community, Lunglei, Mizoram SJMS 5(1), 24-35Download PDF

Representation of Women in Mizo History SJMS 5(1), 36-45Download PDF

Identity, Fans and Football Clubs: A Case of United Kurseong Football Club SJMS 5(1), 45-50Download PDF

A Brief Analysis of First Time Winners in Mizoram State Legislative Assembly Polls (2003 to 2018) SJMS 5(1), 51-58Download PDF

Comparison of Resistance Training and Plyometric Training for the Development of Speed of the Athletes SJMS 5(1), 59-71Download PDF

India-Singapore Partnership in the 21st Century SJMS 5(1), 72-80Download PDF

Re-Evaluating UNAIDS Fast-Tract Strategy from Women’s Perspectives SJMS 5(1), 81-92Download PDF

Types and Sources of Drinking Water: A Case Study of Lungleng Village, Mizoram SJMS 5(1), 93-101Download PDF

Agricultural Practices in Lawngtlai Rural Development Block of Mizoram SJMS 5(2), 01-08Download PDF

Importance of Sports Drinks as a Performance Prerequisites SJMS 5(2), 09-19Download PDF

A Study of the Effect of Parental Education and Occupation on the Study Habits of Class XI Science Students SJMS 5(2), 20-31Download PDF

Relationship between Somatotyping and Wellbeing of Special Home Female Adolescent Students SJMS 5(2), 32-40Download PDF

Citizen’s Charter a Mechanism for Accountability: An Analysis of India Conditions SJMS 5(2), 41-51Download PDF

Human Rights of Women in Post Apartheid South Africa: Issues and Challenges SJMS 5(2), 52-65Download PDF

A Brief Study on the Imposition of Mizoram Under President’s Rule SJMS 5(2), 66-75Download PDF

Foreign Elements and Orders in Colonial Assam: Tea, Enclosure, Migrant Labour and Labour Legislation SJMS 5(2), 76-82Download PDF

Appointment of Women as Company’s Director: An Ascension Towards Women Empowerment SJMS 5(2), 83-88Download PDF

A Study of Caste and Gender Barriers for the Operation of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in Nepal SJMS 6(1), 01-14Download PDF

On the Path to Forced Sobriety: The Church Spearheading the Temperance Movement SJMS 6(1), 15-26Download PDF

Impact of Covid-19 Crisis on Micro-Enterprises: A Study of Lunglei Mizoram SJMS 6(1), 27-35Download PDF

An Empirical Study to Determine the Role of Credit in the Betterment of the Farmers’ Life: A Study with Special Reference to Cachar District of Assam SJMS 6(1), 36-47Download PDF

A Globalized Era: ICT and its Implications on Higher Education in a Pandemic Period (With Special Reference to Mizoram) SJMS 6(1), 48-55Download PDF

Formation and Construction of ‘Mizo’ as Identity SJMS 6(1), 56-65Download PDF

Comparative Study on Training Policies of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited and Gas Authority of India Limited SJMS 6(1), 66-75Download PDF

Gender Socialisation and Gender Non-Conformity in Mizo Society SJMS 6(1), 76-83Download PDF

Domestic Water Sources in Aizawl City SJMS 6(1), 84-91Download PDF

Regional Aspects of Deviations of South-West Monsoon Rainfall in the Seven Sister States of North-Eastern India (1981-2021) SJMS 6(2), 1-13Download PDF

The Influence of the Implementation of Food Yoga and Physical Training on Physiological and Echocardiography Indicators of Schoolchildren SJMS 6(2), 14-22Download PDF

Lifestyle and Mental Health among Persons with Diabetes in Mizoram SJMS 6(2), 23-30Download PDF

Tribal Development Administration in India with A Special Focus on Tribal Community Development SJMS 6(2), 31-43Download PDF

Human Security: Dimensions and Potential Threats SJMS 6(2), 44-53Download PDF

Influence of Product Packaging on Consumer Buying Preference in Venglai Locality, Lunglei, Mizoram SJMS 6(2), 54-64Download PDF

Fossils Bivalves from the Upper Bhuban Formation of Prayer Point, Tuirial Road, Aizawl, Mizoram, India SJMS 6(2), 65-75Download PDF

Accommodating Diversity and Federalism: A Comparative Analysis of Nigeria and India SJMS 6(2), 76-93Download PDF

Knowledge and Practice of Family Planning Methods among Women in Himachal Pradesh: A Comparative Analysis SJMS 7(1), 1-11Download PDF

A SWOT Analysis of the Travel Industry in Arunachal Pradesh SJMS 7(1), 12-22Download PDF

Smart City Mission in Northeast of India: A Study of Aizawl Smart City SJMS 7(1), 23-29Download PDF

Identity and Socio-Formation of Gorkha Graziers in Assam SJMS 7(1), 30-35Download PDF

Gig Economy: Past, Present and Future in India SJMS 7(1), 36-41Download PDF

Inequalities and Geography in a Pre Covid-19 and Covid-19 World – A Bibliometric Analysis: 1989-2019 and 2020-2022* SJMS 7(1), 42-55Download PDF

Right to Information Act in India: A Study of Mizoram State SJMS 7(2), 1-8Download PDF

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Promulgation SJMS 7(2), 9-15Download PDF

A Study of Common Service Centres in India With Special Reference to Mizoram SJMS 7(2), 16-24Download PDF